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PULP ///  DISCO 2000

where can i get dr martens cheap :(( 

Anonyme asked:
If you are turning 16 this year and olive is turning 17 how does it work your in the same year?

our school year starts in september, everyone in our year has to be 16 by then.  i’ll be 16 end of Aug and olive isn’t 17 until november so yep


my aesthetic: nintendog that keeps trying to eat garbage off the street

Anonyme asked:
Random question but from what movie is your icon picture from

Leon the professional 

Anonyme asked:
my friendship goals are what you and grace have, you're both so lovely♡


how to have a friendship like grace and i:

  1. choose a word e.g. “nice” “classic” “same”
  2. learn how and when to use it and the tone of voice
  3. perfect the art of looking at each other and saying it at the same time and then laughing a lot
  4. you don’t need any more jokes you can have whole conversations just using 1 word

(but thank you!!!!!!! i hope everyone can find a grace in their life)

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