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Some girl just tweeted ezra saying that a boy made fun of her for taking a selfie and ezra was like I WILL BEAT HIS ASS and Really who needs breana mcdow when u have such a pro-selfie role model like ezra koenig ? Loves it (:



I deleted everything on my twitter n im actually letting ppl follow me 

Anonyme asked:
Great great! Thank you!!!!!!

V welcome !! 

Anonyme asked:
Where do you buy your clothes? And what accessories do you wear/like? And stuff like this? Tell me about anything fashion related to you because I love your style♥️♥️

Nice!! I buy most of my clothes from zara tbh or somethings from topshop or these local vintage shops we have in my town, i brought my jacket and winter coat from mango
General style is skinny black high waisted jeans or velvet skirt and a blousey kinda top i guess? wear lots of darker colours bc im pale tbh,
i wear 2 simple rings, a silver bracelet( ive had on since i was 6 and cant take off)daily,i tend to wear v small short pendant necklaces (sometimes 2)
um shoes i just brought some DMs shoes and ive got boots from zara and fake converse 4 work
I dunno im going to paris on tuesday and taking a few hundred pounds i’ll post pics of what i buy

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